The Ultimate Packing List!

I don’t know about other people, but I’m definitely one of those people that always gets the feeling “Have I forgotten something?”, every single time I skip town. Eventually, I got so tired of the feeling that over a period of time I kept listing down things that I have ever forgotten to come up with the ultimate list! This is more like a checklist. After you’re done packing all your things, ensure you run through it, just in case. You don’t want to spend your holiday money buying things you’re not going to need once your holiday is done.

1.              Tickets, Passport and Driving License

No brainer! But yes, there are times when people reach the airport for an international flight and then remember, damn! There are also times when the visa is in a different passport from the one that’s currently valid. Make sure you carry your travel documents!

If you’re going to drive around on your holiday, carry your usual license along with the international driving license, if in fact this is required.

2.              Travel Insurance

I have met a lot of people who think it’s ok to travel without travel insurance, and I’ve always failed to understand why. If you’re travelling out of the country, please pay a few thousand extra to get some form of insurance. You’re going to be shelling out a lot more if you’re hurt outside of your home country.

3.              Neck Pillow, Music and a Book (for the long flight)

If you’re flying business, well you’re probably wasting your time on this blog post J but if you’re flying cattle class, and if you’re flying half way across the world, you’re going to need help sleeping and passing your time like me. Get on board prepared.

4.              Voltage Converter

This is basically a power plug that converts power based on where you’re at. Get the global one if you’re travelling outside the country. It’s a pain to find one later. You should have at least one between two people. If you want a more effective power converter, get the one with the USB outlets on the side. It is a life saver!

5.              Medication and First Aid

Most people don’t carry any. I never leave for any place outside my country without this. It’s difficult to find the drug you’re looking for when you travel if you’re not a doctor. It’s even more difficult if it’s a prescription drug. Always carry plenty of your medication with a prescription if necessary. Other than this, also carry medication for the usual afflictions. Cold, cough, fever, stomach upsets, pain killers, a band aid, anti-septic cleansers, you know the drift…

6.              Sanitizer

Keep one in your hand bag. It’s useful to have, and I don’t think I need to explain why.  

7.              Chargers (including the car charger)

This is easily forgotten. Almost everything requires a charger. Your laptop, your phone, your camera, and it’s amazing how often this gets left behind. I always, always forget the car charger or the laptop charger. Put it in the bag!

8.              Foreign Currency

While it’s ok to be totally dependent on credit cards, never trust technology fully. You may find yourself in a sticky situation where cash is the only option. Always keep some on you. It’s always more expensive to withdraw cash from an ATM outside your home country.

9.              Camera Equipment

I need a whole camera bag to get all my equipment in. There’s the camera itself, the SD card, the charging cable, the go pro, the spare battery, the tripod, the remote release, the different lenses I need…it’s quite a bit. Ensure you get it all!

10.           Toiletries (especially the sunscreen or sun tan lotion)

I’m not too fussed about what’s being slapped into my scalp, hair and face while on vacation. But I also know a lot of people who absolutely must have their brands of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, sunscreen and nothing else will do. To spare people the misery of having to shop for all this with you, please bring all of it with you. Also, if you have powders and liquids, check it into the check-in bags. No one wants to have to go through your entire toiletry bag at security check.

11.           The “right” clothes

Have you checked the weather at your destination? Are you heading for a summer trip or a cold winter? Pack accordingly. The last thing you need is to arrive in shorts and a light tee when you should have thermals on and then some. Don’t forget your night clothes either. Do some reading if you’re heading into unknown territory.

12.           Bathing suit, Sunglasses and Flip Flops

I land up buying a bathing suit on each holiday. I can never remember to pack them. And then there are things that go with the whole beach attire. The cover ups, the sunglasses, the straw hat, my beach lotions, flip flops to run around, the bathing cap… It’s annoying to miss this every single time.

13.           Portable weighing machine

This is only a must if you travelling around Europe and taking a lot of domestic flights. All of them have weight restrictions which they believe in enforcing rigorously! If you don’t want your holiday money being spent on over-weight baggage, carry this small helpful piece of equipment along.

14.           Power Bank

If you’re carrying around a lot of things that consume power and you’re going trekking into the mountains, or you’re going to be moving around a lot, it’s better to have a couple of power banks to re-charge all of your equipment. Also remember NOT to put this into your check in bags. Keep it in your hand baggage. Some countries restrict carrying this in check in bags.

15.           Your baby gear

I don’t have a kid. But I do know what it’s like to have a crying baby in tow. Carry all the supplies your baby may need.

16.           Work Stuff

I hate taking my work along with me on a holiday, but I don’t belong to a profession where I can choose to leave my work behind. If you’re going to need it, you’re better off taking what you think you may need.

17.           Food

Yes I know! This seems silly. I find it silly too. But I know a lot of people who won’t eat anything non-vegetarian, not even eggs. There are also those who can’t stand to eat anything other than what they normally eat. I hate travelling with this bunch. I hate it even more when I have to run around looking for food for them. Please carry your food if you’re going to be a fuss pot!

18.           Your house keys

You don’t want to get locked out. I’ve done this several times. I don’t even realize I don’t have my house keys until I’m standing outside my house, AFTER my vacation. J While I’m at it, always remember to switch off the electronic equipment in your house before you leave. I’ve come home to running air conditioners, lights I forgot to turn out, you know what I mean.

Leave your comments below…what have you forgotten while going on holiday?

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