About me

I’ve been a full time private equity and mergers and acquisitions lawyer for 11 years! It’s a stressful job, most of my colleagues around the world would agree, and doesn’t leave much time for hobbies. I had reached a point where I had none. There was work, and nothing else.

Every Sunday night, I would sit with a glass of wine and watch the popular TV show Friends and wonder to myself, do we still have friends like these? I would be envious. Where did these days go? When did we lose our relationships with people? How many did we leave behind? How did we, as humans, beings at the pinnacle of evolution, not see that in striving to make our lives more comfortable, we were succeeding in making it unhappier? We seem to have come to a point in our lives where machines have made our use of time more efficient, yet, we don’t seem to have time for some of the most basic things in life. Grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, catching a movie every other night with popcorn, taking a holiday with our families, going to a restaurant for a meal. Our interaction with “people” is reducing at every level. For coffee there is Scootsy, instead of movie night there is Netflix, holidays are more about selfies, and while we eat at restaurants, the phone is more important than the people across from us. I often wondered, how did we get here? Where did the process of making happy memories, of building relationships of trust, of doing things together, and the happy times go? So I decided to take a trip down memory lane…I decided to look at the photographs I had clicked over the years.

I love clicking pictures. Whenever I travel, my camera is my companion. While I was looking at my collection of pictures, I was taken back to the places I had visited. They triggered happy memories for me. I had a smile on my face. Holidays with my sister, holidays with mom, holidays with my family, pictures of my dogs, pictures of meals we cooked at home, and that’s when I realised, maybe all is not lost. If pictures could make me smile, maybe they could help others as well! And if even one person out there was motivated to look at these pictures and take a trip, I would be happy. Hence TravelJetter. I post pictures that make me happy, to hopefully bring a smile to someone else.

I am now the family travel agent! ? I try and take at least 2 trips a year. I try and spend less of my time on my phone while I am with the ones that really matter. The irony is, I’m right now using the same media which I think is the cause for all the problems we face in reaching out to people, but hey, if you’re reading this right now and ignoring the person opposite you, please stop! You’ll always have time to come back to this later. Spend this time interacting with the person next to you, rather than the unknown “person” speaking to you through the screen. My objective would have then be achieved.